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Yoursay: The good and bad of the under curfew teen curfews good or bad

Without a curfew, teens will be more likely to use drugs and make bad decisions. Teen curfews are a very good thing they help people know that their kid is.

Teenagers from Triangle to Haymarket sighed and groaned last week as Prince William's curfew, one of the Washington area's strictest, took.

As parents of teen-agers, we take each other as deadly serious when attempt to force the good kids to apply peer pressure to the bad ones.

Not to mention, a lot of shady dealings and bad things happen late at night. This is why I think teenagers should have a curfew. age, and school, along with a nice, clear selfie (make sure it's not blurry), to [email protected] by.

YOURSAY | 'Curfew for teenagers? Certainly, there are many other ways to curb social ills.'.