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Christina Applegate: Kelly Bundy Was Virgin On 'Married With Children' kelly al bundy sex

Anthrax Talk "Married with Children" & Almost Banging Kelly Bundy how Scott Ian missed out on his chance to have sex with Kelly Bundy.

Christina Applegate Has Revealed A 'Secret' About Kelly Bundy From 'Married series' heavy sexual innuendo and constant jokes from Bud Bundy about his Ed O'Neill and David Faustino still can't shake their Al or Bud.

Fun fact: Andy Dwyer wrote “Sex Hair” after watching this episode of Married with Children. “You got sex hair/You got if from me, girl/Sex hair.

Kelly Bundy is the eldest child of Al and Peggy Bundy, the sister of Bud Bundy, and notorious for her extreme stupidity (which may or may not have been.

Kelly Bundy: Do you really think that you can make THIS obsolete? Bud Bundy : Dr. Kessler introduced me to cyber sex and I can create Amber any time I.