17 things guys think about showering with you - we shower together naked


iKON members reveal they enjoy being naked in their dorms + showering together | allkpop we shower together naked

So you mean I get to shower and look at my partner naked? we are only showering together because we're late and this makes sense from a.

This is not hilarious or cute, and will probably result in you being punched while naked and dripping. Who wants that? Not me but I will do it if I.

The members of iKON talked about how they enjoy being naked I was drunk so I said, 'It's been a while, should we all shower together?.

From my personal experience, once you become friends, it is not wierd. When I was 17 I was using the shower at a friend's house after helping him work on his.

Let me tell you guys my experience. I'm from Malaysia and i have living in korea for 3 years now. If you go to a gym, you have to shower naked.