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Worries about labia minora are one of the most common concerns ob/gyns encounter. The labia minora are the smaller, “inner” lips of the vulva, or the collection of parts making up the external female genitalia. Porn also comes into play with “vagina insecurity,” Sherry Ross.

Blatt runs the Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery, and he's preparing to assess my vaginal tightness and to demonstrate how he might alter.

Blame poor sex education, shame around buying sex toys (you know, things that are designed to go into the vagina), or strange porn scenarios.

But there's a world of difference between how you see vulvas in porn “The idea that girls and young women think their vagina is ugly and.

“Japan's View of Pussy Is Really Weird”: Vagina Kayak Artist extreme in Japan, it's easy to find, to varying degrees, around the world.