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Kanye is an asshole RADIO on Spotify kanye is an asshole

As the entirety of the internet seems to be discussing Kanye West's most recent ass-hattery and all of black Twitter seems to be heartily enjoying.

A playlist featuring Kanye West. Kanye is an asshole RADIO. By Rhodes Oatman Dark FantasyKanye West • My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. 2.

If he keep talking shit I'ma kanye his ass. Verb 2. To senselessly hijack a situation by opening up and spewing a great deal of shit from the asshole on the face.

Is Kanye really the asshole the media portrays him to be? I think not. Yes I know he does have his moments where he's over the top but still why wouldn't a man.

Since the 90s, the "advanced genius theory" has been used to analyze Lou Reed , David Bowie, Kiss, and more. What does it say about Kanye West?.