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The 'Inflating Condom' Is Something That You Hope You'll Never Have To Use | inflated condom

Br J Surg. Feb;81(2) An inflated condom as a packing device for control of haemorrhage. Luijendijk RW(1), IJzermans JN, Jeekel J, Bruining HA.

A Chinese entrepreneur has invented a new condom for men - directed especially at those with small penises - which doubles as a prosthetic.

Intervention: With aseptic precautions, a sterile rubber catheter fitted with a condom was introduced into the uterus. The condom was inflated with mL.

An umpire stomped on an inflated condom that had drifted onto the field during a Cubs-Brewers game.

An image of an inflated condom with the question “Why Not?” was pasted across a billboard on Sepulveda Boulevard in Van Nuys over the last.