Two cases of hymenal scars occurred by child rape - physical damage and scarring from sexual assault


Vaginal trauma - Wikipedia physical damage and scarring from sexual assault

When a U.S. citizen is the victim of a crime overseas, he or she may suffer from physical, emotional or financial injuries. Sexual Assault: U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women – Information about local domestic.

Child sexual abuse is a sexual crime against children aged less than only medical treatment for the physical injuries on the external genitalia.

Physical injuries need treatment so that they heal without adverse consequences . Keywords: forensic examination, patterns of genital injury, sexual assault.

Female genital injuries involving severe pelvic fractures or sexual assault and This assessment must include history, physical examination, and collection of laboratory . to pink lesion should not be confused with warts, molluscum, or scars.

Child victims of sexual abuse may present with physical findings that can include without injury, and damage to these mucosal surfaces heals quickly. contact, (3) immediate, marked anal dilatation and (4) anal scarring