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The PJs is an American stop-motion animated black sitcom, created by Eddie Murphy, Larry The show aired in syndication for a time on Trio, Fuse, MTV2, and Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. As of , the series is no longer syndicated by.

The PJs is an American stop motion animated television series, created by Eddie Murphy, Larry Wilmore, and Steve Tompkins. It portrays life in an urban Detroit.

I hated this show, but I just had a bad thought of the possibility. I know it started out on Fox (I only saw the episodes on that channel). But it went to.

I was flipping through the channels last night and caught the PJs on AS. Right away, nostalgia kicked in. Good memories came about.

Adult Animation Director Kyle Bell working on "The PJs". Paul Chan, Cassi Davis, Loretta Devine, The PJs () Animator Kevin MacLean The PJs ().