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What your sex fantasies say about you - CNN sexual fantasy transcripts

Marriage and family therapist and licensed hypnotherapist Randy Chelsey, discusses alternative sexual practices, sex outside of straight heterosexual intercourse, including bondage and being a submissive, fantasies of being raped, the desire to be spanked, foot fetishism, and.

A transcript from The Hour of Judgment radio series - Could you tell us exactly what is your interest in sexual fantasy, and why are you interested in this area?.

Sexual FantasyA sexual fantasy is an imagined sexual scene that intensifies Source for information on Sexual Fantasy: Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender: Encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps; Sexual Fantasy.

Ross Patterson, Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, and Evan Hafer celebrate episode # by calling listeners and asking them their craziest sexual fantasies. Things get.

More sex takes place in our head than our bed. According to sex therapist Helen Kaplan, “sex is composed of friction plus fantasy”. In other.