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Topics included: Fields; Electricity; Magnetism; Induction (both in theory and application). Physics is useful and required in career choices such as engineering.

The following courses are available, free of charge, to any school division or adult learning centre wishing to implement web-based courses. Physical/ Health Education (40F) · Physics (40S) · Pre-Calculus Math (40S) · Psychology ( 40S).

Grade 12 Physics (40S), , 40S, Some learning activities and assignments require hands-on experiments using household items (Adobe Icon 23 KB).

Specifically, it reviews basic chemistry and physics and then studies the digestive , cardiovascular, Physics 40S continues what was started in Physics 30S.

English Language and Technical Communications (40S) Physics is the branch of science that deals with the understanding of natural phenomena. and placement must be approved by the Adult Learning Centre prior to.