[The long-term treatment outcomes of adult osteosarcoma]. - osteosarcoma adults long term


After Treatment for Osteosarcoma osteosarcoma adults long term

[The long-term treatment outcomes of adult osteosarcoma]. [Article in Polish]. Ługowska I(1), Pieńkowski A(2), Szumera-Ciećkiewicz A(3).

Their very long term outcomes (20 year) are reported here. Given that childhood cancer is relatively rare, and young adult survivors do not.

Though relieved, it is hard not to worry about osteosarcoma recurrence. and long-term effects of the cancer and its treatment, and the cancer coming back. Most osteosarcomas develop during the teenage or young adult.

Trends in survival rates and long-term toxicity were analyzed. .. osteosarcoma in children and young adults,” Cochrane Database of.

This older age group is characterized by a longer time lapse from the However, these data are not applicable to adult patients older than age.