Fern Reproduction and Life Cycle - forms of adult prothallus


Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute, [electronic resource] forms of adult prothallus

; D. H. Campbell, The Eusporangiatae (the adult gametophyte of . Still another irregularity in the form of adult prothalli is brought about by the.

spores in the fern sporangium; the spores germinate to form prothalli, which produce sex . of the characteristic adult form of the prothallus from the unicellular.

prothallial development is Ceratopteris-type. The adult prothallus is cordate thalloid, with broad wings, growing very fast, with a distinct cushion. Rhizoids.

The young prothallus is cordate but asymmetrical with one wing larger than the The. Adult. Prothallus. (Fig. ). Nayar and Kaur () recognised 5 types.

They contain two types of vascular tissue that are needed to move substances throughout the plant. On the underside of the prothallus the sex organs form.