Subcutaneous fat necrosis presenting as a large mass. - fat necrosis in adults


fat necrosis in adults

Fat necrosis is a complication that may occur after injury to fatty tissue. It can create small lumps under the skin, which may appear similar to.

Evaluation with MRI and ultimately biopsy led to a diagnosis of fat necrosis. If this diagnosis had been considered with greater confidence.

Subcutaneous fat necrosis, though a rare phenomenon, can occur in patients it is an uncommon, self-limited panniculitis of traumatic origin, while in adults it is.

A year-old man with asymptomatic pancreatitis developed tender subcutaneous nodules with fat necrosis. These nodules were the sole clinical manifestation.

It typically affects young adults with a predilection for females. Vasculitis and zones of fat necrosis are absent in EN and frequent in EIB.