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Sunglass Sizes — American Sunglass adult head sizes for sun glasses

In order for measurements to work, you need an accurate measurement of your own head. That way, you'll have a reference point for what size sunglasses you.

Find the perfect sunglasses size for your face with our easy-to-use sunglasses sizing guide. Looking in a mirror, hold a ruler horizontally across your face.

The sunglasses in Baby Size will be ideal for young infants, aged from 6 months to fit can vary between one child to another, depending on the age or the head size. The Adults Sunglasses are ideal for teenagers and adults, aged from

Frame Sizing Guidelines. How to know your Face Size? Looking into your mirror, hold a ruler so it is lined up with each temple. Measure in inches the distance.

Combine the bridge and eye measurements, as shown above, to find your perfect fit Take a peek at our sizing guide, compared with hat size, to see where you.